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Move-out Day Savvy: Beau's Top Tips to Protect Your Student Accommodation Deposit

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Finished your exams and getting ready to wrap up your incredible Stoke student experience? Time to celebrate academic victories, pack away those textbooks, and, of course, ensure a smooth return of your student deposit. 

But how does it all work? Don't worry, we're here to help - This guide equips you with the knowledge to navigate checkout like a pro!

Student Accommodation Stoke: Deposit Defence Made Easy

  • Cleanliness is Key: A spotless house goes a long way. Deep clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and all shared areas. Remember, even the smallest bits of dirt and dust will have to be cleaned up before the next tenants move in. Check out our cleaning checklist for tips and tricks to ensure a smooth checkout.

  • Patch Up Where You Can: Scuffs on the walls? Don't panic! Patch it up neatly with a handy kit from most DIY stores and save yourself a re-painting fee.

  • Bin the Rubbish: No one wants to inherit your leftover study snacks or questionable science experiments. Dispose of all rubbish before your checkout inspection.

  • Disconnect and Detach:  Disconnect appliances and remove any personal belongings you've attached to walls or furniture.

  • Document Everything: Take clear photos and videos of the property's condition before moving out. This will be your evidence in case of any discrepancies during the checkout.

  • Communicate With Your Landlord: Don't skip this crucial step! Let your landlord know about any damages before you move out of your student accommodation.

Bonus Tip: Review your tenancy agreement! This document outlines your rights and responsibilities regarding the deposit.

Conquer Cleaning with Our Checklist:

We understand that cleaning a whole house can be daunting.  To help you out, we've created a comprehensive cleaning checklist available for download on our website as a PDF.  This detailed list ensures you don't miss any hidden nooks and crannies!

Inventory Check:

Remember, you'll be referencing the inventory completed at the start of your tenancy. This details the property's condition upon your arrival.  By comparing it to the current state,  we can ensure there haven't been any unexpected damages beyond normal wear and tear. Rest assured, we are fair and understanding when it comes to general wear and tear that naturally occurs during student living.

Spotless Standards:

Ultimately, we want to make the checkout process as smooth as possible for everyone. To achieve this, the property needs to be spotless – think move-in day clean! Unfortunately, if the flat isn't left in this condition, and the cleaning goes beyond reasonable wear and tear, we may need to hire professional cleaners, and the cost will be deducted from your deposit.

Student Deposits Stoke: Keeping it Protected

By law, all deposits for student accommodation in Stoke must be protected by a government-approved scheme. This means you have additional recourse if there are any disputes regarding the return of your deposit. Take a look at the TDS or DPS websites for more detail on your deposit scheme.

Student Accommodation Stoke: A Smooth Farewell with a Full Wallet

Following these tips will significantly increase your chances of getting your student deposit back in full. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in ensuring a stress-free checkout and a happy ending to your Stoke student journey!

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